Hastings - Béthune Twinning Association

The twinning link from our point of view is very important. This is the longest on going exchange since 1972 officially, but other links were formed before this through sport and commerce. It is the shortest journey also and many friendships have been formed over the years.

This has resulted in visits to and fro throughout the year to stay with host families on either side. Many of us who have formed friendships look on our hosts as extensions of our own family and we attend weddings and christenings etc. Many have also taken to learning the language: most twinners can converse with each other in a mixture of both.

Each visit is hard work for either committee but it's all worth it in the end. For new twinners it brings a closer understanding of another culture and way of life. The rest of us realise that we are all basically alike, with the same hopes dreams and aspirations especially where our children are concerned.

The most important part of Twinning is to encourage others to participate, by avoiding repetition where meals are concerned, by making sure the young visitors are not bored (so they have their own programme), and finding new places to visit on our excursions.

Please Email the Béthune Secretary from the contact page if further information is required.